About Yang


Yang Xu

Yang Xu (Tzu) is an adventurous artist who always seeks new and fun ways to express the world through her artworks. She's known for her utilisation of bold colours and brushstrokes to capture the spirit and emotions of the painting subjects. 

Yang's artwork often reflects a fusion of realism and abstraction, allowing her to explore both the tangible and intangible aspects of our existence. By juxtaposing recognizable elements with more ambiguous forms, she strives to create a dialogue between the familiar and the unknown, encouraging viewers to interpret and connect with the artwork on a personal level.

Ultimately, her goal as an artist is to transport viewers to a realm of contemplation and wonder. she aspires to create visual poetry that invites introspection, sparks curiosity, and celebrates the profound beauty that surrounds us. With each brushstroke, she endeavours to ignite a sense of connection between the artwork, the viewer, and the world at large.

Yang is environmentally conscious and uses eco-friendly art materials where possible. 

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About cold wax

Cold wax medium is a versatile art material used by artists for various techniques in painting. It is a mixture of beeswax, solvent, and resin that has a consistency similar to soft butter. Unlike encaustic wax, which requires heat for application, cold wax medium can be used at room temperature.

Artists use cold wax medium for a range of artistic effects and styles, often in combination with oil paints. Some common uses and characteristics of cold wax medium include:

  1. Textured Surfaces: Cold wax medium can be mixed with oil paints to create textured surfaces. Artists can apply it in thick layers, then manipulate and carve into it using various tools, creating rich textures and depth.

  2. Layering: Artists often build up layers of cold wax and oil paint, allowing for translucent and opaque effects. This layering technique adds complexity and visual interest to the artwork.

  3. Mark Making: Cold wax medium can be used to create unique marks, scratches, and patterns on the surface of the painting. Artists can use tools like brushes, palette knives, and even unconventional materials to achieve different textures and effects.

  4. Matte Finish: Cold wax medium dries to a matte finish, giving a distinct appearance to the final artwork. This can be desirable for artists who want to avoid the glossy finish of traditional oil paintings.

  5. Collage: Cold wax medium can be used as an adhesive for collage elements in mixed-media artworks. It can adhere various materials to the surface, creating a fusion of textures and visual elements.

  6. Reduction Techniques: Artists can use cold wax medium to create interesting effects through the reduction technique. This involves applying layers of paint and wax, then partially removing them to reveal underlying colors and textures.

  7. Palette Knife Painting: The medium's thick consistency makes it well-suited for palette knife painting. Artists can use palette knives to apply and manipulate both the cold wax medium and the oil paint.

Cold wax medium offers artists a unique way to experiment with traditional oil painting techniques, creating artworks with depth, texture, and visual complexity. It's popular among contemporary artists for its ability to produce unconventional and intriguing effects on canvas or other surfaces.



Merit Award at International Watercolour Masters contest 2022.